Tricky Maintenance for the Labradoodle Dog

Contrary to what one
might think, all the breeds (as disheveled as they are cute) of the “doodle”
type have not always been with us, and were not actually introduced until 1988.

Poodles are known for
their hypoallergenic coat, while Labradors Retrievers are famous for their
desire to please their owners, their training skills and their loyalty.
Although at first the creation of Conron was not really successful, the
Labradoodle has gradually become one of the most popular dogs in the world.
From American homes to major Australian cities, the Labradoodles have quickly
become sought-after companions for families, people with disabilities and
medical centers employing therapy dogs.

Their energy, their
affectionate character, their intelligence and their (sometimes) hypoallergenic
coat are all reasons which explain why the whole world fell in love with
Labradoodles. So what is there to know about this breed? What could the owners
of Labradoodle Dog
teach us? Here are some of the reasons why humans who have a Labradoodle adore
their companions.

puppies are simply irresistible

Can you stay stuck in front of this adorable fur ball? That stuffed coat? Those eyes  areso soft and expressive? This cheerful little face? No? This is what we thought. Labradoodles puppies are playful, have energy to spare, and are always ready to live new adventures (and to cuddle). They will come on your lap even when there is not enough room.

love dog

are all sizes

Labradoodles are not a
pure breed, but rather a particular cross or creation. For this reason, they
can vary in appearance and size, much more than a dog with long established

For Labradoodles, it
all depends on the breed of the parents, and especially on the size of the
Poodle used in the first generation of the cross. This is explained by the fact
that Poodles exist in four sizes: toy, dwarf, medium and large (or royal).

A large Labradoodle can
weigh up to 30 kilos, and an average individual between 13 and 20 kilos. As for
Labradoodles toys, their weight can be between 6 and 12 kilos (which is quite
logical, since the Poodles toys are really tiny).

of all colors

The Labradoodles’ dress
can vary enormously in color, from cream to chocolate, including apricot, red,
black, silver, or even several combinations between them.Their coat also comes
in different aspects, beautifully wavy (the most sought after style), curly, or
bristly or stiff.

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