The Perfection to Be Found in the Pokemon Go game

According to reports from
Niantic, developer of the game, Pokémon GO is experiencing its biggest influx
since its incredible explosion in 2016. This wasan amazing phenomenon, but

Two years later, they are back. But this time, it’s not for you to play a bad trick. In its latest report, Niantic notes that the number of daily mobile game users has increased by 35%. In addition, it is the highest total for Pokémon Go since its booming debut in 2016. As a reminder, if necessary, the game launched in the summer of 2016 was, by its originality and its nostalgia, become a phenomenon as extraordinary as ‘ephemeral. Using the iSpoofer was and still is important there.

The Aspect of the Problem

The problem is that the concept
has run out of steam at the speed of light. It is surely because with its
launch, the game did not imagine enjoying such immediate success. Except that,
ironically, having only basic base, users are quickly tired of a game that was
going in circles. No fighting between friends or even exchanges; none legendary
and a first generation that turns slightly in circles. To summarize: most users
did not have the patience to wait for the game to gain consistency.

  • But now, two years later, Pokémon Go doesn’t
    look the same at all. And one of the vectors is at the origin of this
    transformation: exchanges. By adding this functionality, Niantic has secured an
    impressive resurgence in popularity. Since their arrival, exchanges have
    accumulated 113 million connections between friends and nearly 2.2 billion
    gifts sent between these connections. Colossal figures which, linked to the
    importance of the legendaries in the consistency of the game and the two new
    generations added to the dropper, make Pokémon Go a game in its own right, a
    thousand miles from its face two years ago.

Pokémon, The Game Of The Future?

As felt already at the release of
the new Sun and Moon opuses, available on several versions, Pokémon has found
its “hype” of yesteryear. The very “childish” label that
had stuck to the game for many years has come off carefully, until almost
becoming a vintage fashion that hits the mark. Particularly around Pokémon Go
which, although largely less popular than in 2016, benefits from a solid and
addict community. This trend is confirmed by the cards also, available
everywhere and above all widely highlighted, sometimes even in supermarkets.

With the upcoming arrival on
Pokémon Switch, Let’s go Pikachu and Eevee, this is just the beginning of the
new and growing popularity of Pokémon.

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