The Perfect Choice for the Insulin Travel case Now

Of course, the first aid kit takes up space in luggage, but it is essential in the event of problems. Poorly cared for, the slightest little sore can quickly become critical. This is even more true if we go on an adventure, in remote places and when we have diabetes. Here is the robot portrait of the kit of a backpacker on the go.

Antiseptic, dressings and foot care

Small wounds (blisters, cuts with the reef, etc.) quickly spoiled our stay. First reflex to adopt: keep the wound clean. In order to wash and disinfect it, provide soap, gauze pads and a skin antiseptic. When traveling, the latter is much more practical in the form of a spray because it does not risk spilling into the kit. In addition to this essential trio, bandages are used to protect possible wounds from the risk of infection. If you plan to bathe, think of waterproof dressings. For burns, provide greasy dressings.

Whether the stay is city or nature, we walk a lot and the feet are subjected to severe test. And this is even truer in case of daily inspection of the feet by the patient with diabetes, while traveling. It is therefore necessary to protect them well, and provide a specific care cream. The best use of the insulin travel case  comes there.

Basic medicines

You will have to carry analgesics (to calm the pain), anti-diarrheal (a tourist when you change your eating habits and hygiene can quickly happen while traveling), antiemetic, anti-spasmodic (in case of intestinal pain), antihistamines. For all these drugs “In case of problems”, ask your treating doctor and your pharmacist for advice.

Small useful material

We do not forget what to cut bandages, remove a splinter or a tick: scissors, tweezers and safety pin are then our allies (it will however be necessary to put them in his luggage in the hold, under penalty of getting them confiscate at the airport). Also provide a thermometer to take its temperature.

Mosquito repellent, water purifier, sun protection

The more precarious the place visited in terms of hygiene and care conditions, the more you have to be careful! Where mosquitoes are rampant and are carriers of diseases (Dengue, Zika, etc.) it will be necessary to protect oneself with mosquito repellents and mosquito nets. You will need the diabetic travel case there.

Sunny destination?

We especially do not forget the sunscreen! With a high index, we are better protected. If you plan to stay in the water for a long time (water sports, for example), it is recommended to obtain a very high protection, which resists water.

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