The Mailboxes and the Santa Letters

The cold begins to set in, mailboxes are filling with Christmas catalogues, Christmas decorations are starting to take place in the streets and stores are starting to fill their shelves with toys and chocolates. Here it is, Christmas and the associated end-of-year celebrations are looming. Each year, to invoke even more the magic of Christmas, many children send a letter to Santa Claus: list of toys, wishes or just wishes to Santa Claus.

Write a letter to Santa Claus: send him your letter for free!

For this winter 2020, the old man dressed in red and white has assembled his team of the best elves, ready to respond to all your missives.

If your child wants to send Santa his list of much-desired toys or just a drawing, if you even want to send him a little message, here is an explanation of how to proceed!

You can write and send your letter to Santa Claus from November 4 (opening date of his office) until December 16.

And concerning the address to which to post your letter for Santa Claus, give free rein to your imagination: if the message is clear, it will arrive at its destination

Despite his great age, Santa Claus evolves with the times! And in order to respond to an increasingly connected world, it also has a website filled with activities for children and which allows them to send it an email directly.

This service can be very handy if you have gone a little late to send your letter to Santa Claus, although the magic of Christmas will work a little less with this system.

To contact Santa Claus by internet, go to the site of letter from santa then send him your letter and / or message via the module provided for this purpose.

You will of course be asked for your postal address so that the elves can quickly answer you!

Some years, it was necessary to tick a box in order to receive this response by mail and not by email. At the time of writing this article, you do not yet know if this system is still valid. So if you choose this method, be careful with the options offered. Read this article as soon as it has the information!

So, whether you are young or old, let yourself be carried away by the magic of Christmas and do not hesitate to write to Santa Claus, it is completely free and it will give you a lot of good!

But don’t forget, Santa Claus and his elves will be providing answers until December 16. Then the secretariat will close its doors until next year. The whole team will be too busy preparing for the Christmas tour.



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