The Best Blinds You Can trust On

The blinds harrisburg allow you to abandon artificial lighting to take advantage of daylight. Their installation eliminates the constraints of vis-à-vis, reflections and excessive heat in your daily life. The multitude of choices, concerning their colors, their materials and their dimensions, leaves you a lot of freedom to make your blind, an additional asset in your interior decoration.

There are 2 main options in the configuration of your Roller blind, the Control Height and the Guidance. You will find below all the information necessary to configure your awning:

Order Height

The Control Height corresponds to the distance between the Top of the Awning and the natural position of the hand when operating the awning.


Your roller blind can be guided (load bar) on each side by a 1mm steel cable.

This option is particularly useful when installing on an opening (leaf) because it allows the blind to remain integral with the opening, in particular when the latter is tilting (eyelash).

The cable is fixed on the support, under the blind in the low position, and it must be stretched.

Please note: for installation on the sash without drilling, the guide supports are only available in white.

Type Of Laying

The rail of a wooden Venetian blind can be installed either:

  • Under Ceiling: Directly under a horizontal surface
  • Facing On Brackets: On vertical support (chassis, wall). These brackets allow the blind to be moved away from the support (wall, window, etc.) or to escape an obstacle (handle, etc.). They are adjustable from 9 to 15 cm.
  • Opening On Opening: Directly on the window sash, screwed or without drilling.

Type Of Order And Color Mechanism

The roller blind can be operated using a White, Black, Gray or Chromed Metal chain.

The Mechanism is available in 3 colors: White, Black or Gray.

From the perfect velvets for the living room to the packaged ones, practical for the kitchen, here’s how to give the home a touch of functional but at the same time charming freshness thanks to the choice of draperies and curtains

Sometimes the interior design tends to leave out some details that are actually absolutely relevant, such as curtains.Those who put them in the background, treating them as a shower mat or a footrest, make a mistake: the walls of the house are animated by them. They also act as a discreet screen and are a lovely protective film that protects us from the outside world, allowing us to live our intimacy without prying eyes on our hearth.

So do not fall into the error of attaching little importance to curtains but rather consider your choice keeping in mind the two fundamental characteristics that a curtain must have in itself, functionality and elegance.

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