Septic Tank Overhauling: What You Need

For many, the septic tank is a necessary evil that must inevitably be lived with at home. This “phobia” suffered by most people, makes them forget their preventive maintenance and only remember when it is too late and the consequences that this produces are already very evident.

When the sewage overflows, the toilet does not work and the unpleasant odors arrive, the inhabitants of the house “shout to heaven” and remember how important the proper functioning of a septic tank is.

Therefore, the first thing experts recommend is to lose fear of this tenant of the house and, second, to understand how it works. After that, the steps to follow are simple and there are professionals who will be in charge of helping you in this task. A plumber thousand oaks is an expert in this case.

Your cleaning

The efficiency of a septic tank depends exclusively on its maintenance. Therefore, in these cases prevention is better than cure.

According to the expert, the tanks have an entrance through which the excrement and sewage enter. The idea is that inside the tank the sedimentary solids fall to the ground. Excess fluids come out to be absorbed by a drain.

If you don’t clean these systems frequently, excess sediment runs down the drain, completely collapsing it. Many people think that it is the septic tank that stops working, when in reality the problem is concentrated in the drainage, which becomes waterproof (no longer absorbs liquids), preventing the proper functioning of the system.

In addition to cleaning, he will need other professionals and more money to fix the drain. Some professionals even recommend making a new drain if there is enough land, since cleaning is usually just as expensive.

Other problems arise because the pipes that carry all this waste to the tank are blocked or damaged, which is usually easier to fix.

For thousand oaks it is necessary to clean these systems at least every two years, although there are other professionals, who consider that their maintenance should be every year.

There are problems

A bad septic tank presents certain symptoms that are impossible to ignore. The bad smell emitted by pipes is the most common. In the worst case, Montero says, the sewage overflows from the top of the septic tank.

It is also usual, he adds, that the sanitary service does not work, and even observe how some of these liquids are returned, which generates great discomfort. Finally, you have to be especially careful if you see and hear bubbling in the toilet.

However, it may happen that, when the house was built, the master builder installed a very small septic tank for the number of people who live in the property. This causes it to be saturated frequently and professional help is needed to change it.

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