Right Options for Buying Organic Food Formula

You lack time (motivation, space) it is not worth panicking and feeling guilty, some brands offer organic meals for children from 4 to 36 months. You will find classic flavors like carrot, potato with green beans or peas but also parsnip, pumpkin or sweet potato. As soon as your baby is 4 months old, at the time of diversification, you will be able to accustom him to new tastes and new textures very gently.

And do not worry about the composition of your small dish bought in supermarkets, the regulation of organic baby food is the most controlled of all food since it combines the regulation of organic and the regulation of infant food.

Advice from the pro

What advice would you have to give to young parents for the food diversification of their baby?

First of all, we do not start diversification before the child is 4 months old. Then you have to take your time. The problem today is that we are witnessing a fashion phenomenon where we want to transform our baby into a gourmet baby. Except that we cannot go faster than music, that is to say, we cannot go faster than the development of the taste buds, the digestive tract and the digestive system. You have to take your time, respect baby’s balance and speed. You can buy organic formula in the best ways now.

And parents must also listen to their instincts: no one knows their child better than parents. They will sense when their child is hungry or not. You should know that a baby does not have the capacity to let himself die of hunger. If a baby does not eat for 2 days, it may be because he is in bad shape that his digestive system is developing, that he no longer secretes this enzyme or another that he has got hot, that he’s going to make a dent. You have to offer him, don’t force, and if he doesn’t take, don’t stress! It is important not to enter into emotional blackmail where the baby understands that the only opposition he can have is through food.

  • High scores for organic foods were inversely associated with overall cancer risk with an absolute risk reduction to 0.6%; risk ratio for a 5 point increase, 0.92, 95% CI, and 0.88-0.96).
  • In conclusion, a higher frequency of consumption of “organic” foods was associated with a reduced risk of cancer.

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Organic clothes for babies: look good in organic fashion

Organic baby clothes

In cosmetics, several organic labels exist. To obtain organic certification, manufacturers must comply with very strict specifications and controls are carried out by independent bodies. Since January 1, 2017, a new label has appeared with a European dimension, “cosmos organic”, in order to help consumers navigate the efflorescence of products and appellations.

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