Instagram Options for You Now

Instagram is logically the privileged social network when it comes to image, sometimes increasing the notoriety of some and some for purely aesthetic reasons. So much so that complete strangers manage to stand out and become real stars on the photo app, whether thanks to their cooking skills, their tattooing skills or simply because they are lens geniuses. or the iPhone photo .

There is another category of people that makes Insta ‘panic and they are the charming young girls, especially when their pretty faces are accompanied by the bodies of goddesses. Here is an anthology of the prettiest sports to follow urgently. The instagram account creator comes handy there.

A popularity won by the sweat of their brow

We cannot deny that these young women are formidable sportsmen, more skilled in squats to strengthen their glutes and in push- ups for tapered arms than many of these gentlemen. But let’s face it, it wasn’t their investment in the gyms that earned them recognition on Instagram. To seduce users of the app, the results must be seen and the bodies must send dreams, in the purest tradition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. And no question of displaying a gray face to spoil the effect of their sculpted legs. No, they all have in common to have a more than advantageous face and the smile that goes with it! Whether they come from Australia, the United States or Latin America, these girls rarely exceed the 30-year mark. This shows how the cult of eternal youth is still relevant today.

Side followers, their fans number in the tens of thousands and up to several million for the most popular. They have earned their glamor stripes with ever sexier shots. And it’s not their admirers who are going to complain, if we are to believe the avalanche of comments praising the appearance of these modern-day deities.

If these women with athletic physique display curves to die for, it is because they are indeed professional athletes. Some evolve in competition, others are sports coaches in the city. In any case, we can certainly trust their bodybuilding methods to forge a concrete body, from a flat stomach to shapely thighs. But for now, stop all activity and tune into Instagram!

Also locate the most popular hashtags in your field and do not hesitate to take part in the “rituals” of the Instagram community.

Get noticed by brands

For bloggers, Instagram is often used to showcase products they like. The brands have understood this well and some republish the photos published on their official account. It is a way for them to communicate in an original way, to vary their content and to establish a close relationship with users.

So remember to tag the Instagram accounts of brands whose products appear on your publications, on photos but also in their captions. But don’t forget: a touch of subtlety is required so as not to be frowned upon by your subscribers.



Take care of your photos

It may seem obvious, but you should know that the quality of an Instagram account is evaluated by users in a few seconds! The first impression must therefore be the right one. Having your own style is also a plus.

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