Great Solutions with the Best Brand of Disinfectant

If you want to opt for an
effective and natural product, you can create your own household product. You
need baking soda, white vinegar, essential oils and above all, 70 ° alcohol
which also acts as an effective disinfectant.

What types of household products to turn to?

Be careful to distinguish between
cleaning products and disinfecting products. Some will, as their name suggests,
clean various surfaces to make them clean only. They will therefore not be able
to eradicate the virus. The others, on the other hand, will get rid of the
coronavirus potentially present on the surfaces of your interior. You can now
find this brand new product called Clean4Less can be
your best choice because of the perfect support that it offers.

So be sure to buy products with a label that says “kills bacteria
and viruses” or “disinfectant”

Also, be aware that white vinegar
, although very effective in cleaning many surfaces at home or in the office,
will not be able to help you get rid of the coronavirus. Indeed, the
Directorate General of Health reveals that there is no situation “where it

[white vinegar]

is specifically recommended in the face of the epidemic”.

This is a different story for bleach which “is a virucide, which is not the case with white vinegar. Above all, do not apply bleach to the skin in order to want to neutralize germs would end up on your face or another part of the body. You could accidentally ingest it without talking about the significant consequences on the skin.

Spray and clean

  • Bactericide for bacteria
  • Levuricide for yeasts
  • Fungicide for fungi (yeasts and molds)
  • Sporicide for bacterial spores
  • Virucidal for viruses

Offices are mainly subject to
bacteria, in particular sanitary areas.One of the main missions of cleaning
companies that work in offices is to ensure that the products used will be
effective in combating these bacteria and that cleaning agents are properly
trained in the use of these products.

How do you know which bacteria or viruses are killed by a product?

It is important to specify that a
product can be bactericidal without being virucidal, and vice versa. A product
can also have many of these properties.

How do I know if a product is effective against Covid-19?

The Coronavirus Covid-19 is, as
its name suggests, a microorganism from the category of viruses.To carry out a
disinfection of the coronavirus it will be necessary to use a virucidal
product. You will need to make sure that the products you use against the
coronavirus are effective.

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