Choose the Smartest Solutions for the Graphical Games

The most important thing in the drawing of sprites is to save the number, avoid having too many, so for an animation it is necessary to clearly identify the key moments of an animation in order to have little image for this one but keep a fluidity.

Motion Capture Free, or almost

The Motion Capture technique consists of this, by putting sensors all over the body of a human we can transcribe the movements of this one on a computer and then directly make 2d or 3d animations. For the graphics of the games you can make use of the now.

It is currently used exclusively for 3d (well, today 3d animators are so good that there is no longer any need for them, yes, yes), but it requires expensive equipment and not always easy to install in place.

However in the case of 2d this is very inexpensive and gives a good result, indeed the only thing you need to have is a camcorder or digital camera. So if you want a side view animation of a man running or a karate shot, you just need to film someone running, or set a certain number of shots per second, then transfer that to your computer and with some picture editing software to draw your character, over the real person running. In case you have a video file, there is plethora of free software that allows you to convert AVI to BMP strip or GIF.

In addition, this technique, used for the first Princess of Persia, is fun to apply, during the time of retouching, but also when taking, with a few friends, it’s always fun. The development of a video game is not only done in front of the PC but also in reality.


The tiles are the elements of decoration, small non-animated images, which once assembled in mosaic form a decoration, the decoration. They are worn in the background but also in the foreground and they may, in this case, have transparent areas. They are etymologically linked to immobility, the graphic designer must therefore draw the important elements of the decor, furniture, doors, tree, grass texture, water texture etc. that it must cut into small thumbnails (16×16 or 32×32 in general) and which can then be reused in various assembly logic as often as possible. We must never forget, so that the assembly is done without problems, that these pieces have borders which are connected perfectly to each other, we say that they must be tilable. Well the term reminds you of something!

To adjust the tiles in Game Maker, you have to go to the background properties of a background, which can, and must, be a tileset, then select: “Use as tile set”, and then fill in the requested boxes. They are added later in the rooms from the Tiles tab, where their depth (level of superposition, or plane) is adjustable.

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