Smart Addressing of the Right Meal During Confinement

From food-bashing to food-praising, food has become one of the main reasons for displacement and its supply chain essential for the proper functioning of the country. The food offering has even taken on meaning, at a time when meals are offered to the nursing staff to thank them for their commitment.

The Daily Basis works

On a daily basis, access to our food has again become a major concern that we may have tended until very recently to take for granted. This is where the use of the confinement meal  comes up.

This sudden distance appeared between our usual places of supply leads us to rethink our food, to reflect our menus, to distinguish the essential from the superfluous. This very special period requires us to no longer eat day by day, to avoid impulse buying, but on the contrary to build our food over the week to optimize our supplies and limit our trips. There is an unique opportunity to try to plan your food balance over time to include more food variety. This is what the French seem to do according to a survey by the YouGov institute for L’Obs, 43% of people would buy more fruit and vegetables since confinement.

What if we relocate our purchases, really?

By reducing our trips, we also promote local shops, experiment with new addresses, we relocate some of our purchases. However, having the family constantly at home also had a direct impact on our food budget, which we have seen increasing over the weeks. The average basket increased by 89% the week in hypermarkets and supermarkets according to the IRI institute. Suddenly, we have to relearn how to juggle efficiently between fresh products and non-perishable foodstuffs and rediscover how to combine leftovers to limit waste.

But shopping has also become a potential vector of contamination, which is brought into the house. This new source of mistrust further exacerbates the link that was already granted between diet and health and the questions that could be asked. We must again learn to compose by adopting the right behaviors as it is often feeding.

Also in this terrible period, the injunctions are numerous and our food is no exception to the warnings because our energy balance is particularly threatened, between permanent access to cupboards and to the fridge and forced immobilization. But ultimately, this exceptional situation further reveals the sedentary nature of our usual lives, while generating an eager saving need to move. Like what everything does not depend only on what we put on the plate.

We take the time to cook more. And tomorrow?

But above all, our meals came to punctuate our daily lives and took a considerable importance in our confined lives.